woongebouw in vietnam

Project ambition was to pilot socially considerate resettlement that would explore a typological alternative to the standard but unsuccessful high rise resettlement blocks then the norm in HCMC. Resettled households are vulnerable, and the maintenance of existing social support networks was one of the aims of the project. However, since a pilot would only be useful if it were replicable without much external funding, cost considerations featured large.

In March 2003 the BTC presented the project as an example of ‘social design’ at the World Bank organized National Workshop on Resettlement. The first households moved in their new houses in January 2005. In January 2008 it was verified that most of the original settlers still inhabited the housing, were satisfied of their housing, and that the ‘social design’ components such as the verandas, loggias and ‘streets’ were being intensively used, indeed proving crucial to the project’s success.


Architect: Sonja Spruit

Status: gebouwd
Tijdspad: April – November 2001 (Design Phase), 2004 (Construction Phase)
Opdrachtgever: Belgian Technical Cooperation
Bouwkosten/m² (BVO): 150 EUR/m2
Publicaties: Vietnam Housing Sector Profile, UN-Habitat, June 2013