Mammar – hope for Embaba

The project is based in Embaba, an informal self-built neighbourhood in Cairo that is marked by a deteriorating socio-economic situation. Two still available plots provide an opportunity for positive transformation. This project focusses on a modular and bottom up planning and design approach to realise a more efficient, more socially embedded, and more sustainable use of the area.

We collaborate with the Egyptian media organisation, (founded by Mohamed Helmy).
The project should ‘open eyes’ and initiate discussion on ‘integrated design approaches’ in Egypt, and raise awareness on the social responsibility of urban interventions.

Our team is supported by a range of senior experts:
David Sims – urban economist
Monika El Shorbagi – social Political Advisor
Dina Shehayeb – architect and social researcher
Hany el Minyawi – architect in Cairo

This project is supported by the creative industries fund NL


Architect:Sonja Spruit, Lidewij Lenders, Marije ter Steege

Is modular design the answer to informality in Cairo?
Mammar: A Corridor For Possibility In Cairo’s Embaba
2008 Onwards: What Embaba Can Learn from the Past

Status: onderzoek
Tijdspad: 2018
In samenwerking met PROgrss
Met medewerking van stimuleringsfonds creatieve industrie